Double Irish Chain Quilt

Double Irish Chain Quilt

March seems to be a good time to work on an Irish Chain quilt.

A few days ago, we talked about an Irish Chain quilt, so why not a Double Irish Chain?

They look complicated, but making a Double Irish Chain is pretty straightforward.

The quilt is made from only 2 basic blocks.

One block is simply a 5 patch, divided up into 25 square patches.

The key is placing the patches so you create the design you are looking for.

The other block is a center square with small square patches in each corner and strips in between the corner patches.

Once you have all of your blocks made, you are ready to sew them together. Simply alternate the two blocks on each row, making sure that they are alternating from row to row as well.

To read additional instructions (including measurements for the patches) and pictures, visit:

This is a quilt that can easily be strip pieced, so surely you can have at least one finished by St. Patty’s Day!???

Happy Quilting!

Penny Halgren

P.S. If you missed the article about the Irish Chain quilt, the link is on this page as well: