Quilters love tree blocks, and there are certainly a ton of tree quilt blocks that have been around for years.

In an earlier Eavesdrop on a Telephone Conversation, Georgia Bonesteel talked about how to find inspiration for designs for quilts and quilt blocks, and the Tree of Life quilt block is a perfect example of how quilters converted an existing design into a quilt block pattern.

In early American days, clipper ships brought cargoes of Indian and Persian cotton prints into western Atlantic ports.

When quilt designers were looking for pattern ideas, the Tree of Life design, common to Oriental rugs, was easily converted to a quilt pattern.

The appeal of the block lies not only in its intrinsic beauty, but for its quality of faith and belief in eternal life.

The design quickly became a favorite among the religiously inclined settlers of the New World and their descendants.

This quilt block is beautiful and relatively easy to put together.  It is versatile and can be used as a regular quilt block or set on point in a quilt – either as a central motif with borders surrounding it, or as blocks in a quilt top:


Happy Quilting!