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Let’s admit it, the biggest challenge in quilting a quilt on your home sewing machine is all of those puckers and tucks.  Whether they are on the front of the quilt or on the back, nobody likes to have puckers in their quilt.

But, with all of the bulk of a quilt, how do you keep the puckers and tucks from occurring as you feed your quilt through your home sewing machine?

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During an Eavesdrop on a Telephone Conversation, machine quilting expert Pam Bauer offered her tips and techniques for beautiful machine quilting on your home sewing machine.

It all begins with basting your quilt.

Thread-baste your quilt, or use basting spray, but be sure it is basted well and all of the layers are as flat as they can possibly be.

From there, special rolling techniques will help keep the quilt pucker-free as you feed the bulk through your machine.

And then there is the foot.

Both the walking foot and the darning foot have their special talents in machine quilting, but you’ll want to know which to use for the type of quilting you are doing.

And the last things are patience and practice.  Pam suggests using 18-inch square fabric sandwiches to practice machine quilting.  While you won’t get practice with the bulk of the quilt, you will get great at feeding the fabric under your presser foot for beautiful machine quilting.

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Happy Quilting!