Many quilters like to calculate how much yardage they will need for a quilt before they go to the fabric shop. That way, you’re certain to have enough for your project.

The rest of us just buy fabric!

I generally buy a yard or two of fabric I like and then wash it and add it to my stash – just waiting for the right quilt. When I have a quilt project, occasionally I figure out how much I need for the quilt, but most of the time, I just guess.

However, that is a really bad idea if you want all of the fabric to match in your quilt. Trust me, I’ve run out before, and sometimes it is really disappointing to get stuck using something less than the right fabric.

No math genius am I, so I turned to my quilting daughter, Stephanie, for a formula:

By following along one step at a time, you’ll be able to calculate yardage requirements for most any quilt.

The sample calculation is for a quilter who wanted to know how to make a quilt using 8-inch blocks and 4 different fabrics. It’s set up like a fill-in-the-blank – but all of the blanks are already filled in for this particular quilt.

Of course, that is where you need to start – knowing the size of the block and the size of the quilt. Once you have that (plus the pattern of the block), you can figure out exactly how much fabric you will need for your blocks.

Be sure to add extra for borders and backing.

Also on this page, you will find a link for a chart that shows how large various bed sizes are and the normal quilt size to fit on each particular bed.

Remember that your quilt size doesn’t need to be exactly what the chart says. You could decide to have a different amount hanging down the side of the bed.

If your mattress is one of those nice thick ones, you’ll need to make your quilt a little bigger.

Happy Quilting!