As quilters we always are looking for techniques to make our quilts more beautiful. And, of course, time-saving techniques are welcome, too.

I’ve most always been a hand quilter. When I first started making quilts, nobody was using their home sewing machine for doing the actual quilting.

We had progressed from hand sewing the blocks together to using our machines for that. But nobody I knew had even thought of using a home sewing machine to quilt the layers together.

After I had been quilting for a few years, I heard that quilters were machine quilting on their home sewing machines, so I tried it… with limited success and much frustration.

My quilts usually had puckers and tucks, and I was happy when they showed up only on the back of the quilt.  But, often I found myself ripping out quilting stitches because there were puckers on the front of the quilt. Yes, the puckers on the back stayed there!

As more quilters began quilting on their home sewing machines, people discovered techniques that made the finished quilts more beautiful as well as easier to sew.

Here are a few basics that can make a big difference in your finished quilt:

  • hand baste or spray baste your quilt
  • roll up and secure the quilt to feed it through the arm of your machine
  • use the right presser foot
  • check the thread tension

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Happy Quilting!