One day when quilting daughter Stephanie was about 6 years old, she came home from school with a picture she had drawn. The picture was a simple rainbow, and she had included a small rose in the bottom corner of the picture.

For some reason, I decided that it would be fun to convert the picture into a quilt.

A close-up view of the two-sided strips

At the time, many professional quilters were making real 3-dimensional quilts by sewing pleats in their quilts or adding strips that looked like pleats. The strips that extended out from the quilt top reminded me of venetian blinds, and I imagined looking at the rainbow through a window with the blinds.

So I set about making a truly 3-dimensional wall hanging using two-sided strips that extended out from the quilt top. Although it took many hours to sew together, the final wall hanging was very fun, and is still a favorite today.

It’s not all that complicated to make, and your family and friends will think you are some kind of genius when they see a quilt like this that you have created.

Your design can be anything, really – including quilt blocks. But your quilt top will need to include extra fabric for seam allowances in order to keep the pattern intact.

You’ll see a picture of the wall hanging as well as fairly detailed instructions for creating this fun wall hanging when you visit:

Happy Quilting!