Since it’s just about the end of the school year, it might be time to think about a quilt for a special teacher or school administrator.

A memory quilt is a fun type of quilt to make, especially when it can be really personalized. Even a traditional quilt block, such as a Schoolhouse block, can include some design features that make it very personal.

Years ago I made a couple of quilts using a Schoolhouse quilt block.

One quilt was for the retiring superintendent. In that quilt I transferred photos onto fabric and included the pictures of people in the windows or doors of each of the schoolhouses.

Since each block in the quilt represented a school in the district, in addition to the administration building and “bus barn,” I also included pictures of a school bus and the marquee in front of each school.

When the quilt was finished, it was sent from school to school for people to sign. Since the background of the schoolhouse quilt blocks was white, there was plenty of space for everyone to sign in and around their school’s block.

Another schoolhouse quilt hangs in the district office. Instead of pictures, I cross-stitched little images and placed them in the windows and doors of the schoolhouses.

In the center I printed a poem on fabric and the Schoolhouse blocks surround the poem and create a somewhat circular effect. In fact the wall hanging has 12 sides. You really need to see it to understand:

Happy Quilting!