jackson here, the official how-to-quilt.com siamese quilting kitty.

i have officially given up on trying to type capital letters on this computer.

have you ever heard of swoon quilt blocks?

i hadn’t until recently.

i always thought that ‘swoon’ was what little girl kitties did when they saw me – since i’m such a hunk.

well – i’ve been wrong before!

it turns out that swoon quilt blocks are these star-looking quilt blocks.

they are really pretty and fairly easy to sew – simple half square triangles and squares.

penny was so excited when she saw this pattern that she decided to make a christmas wall hanging using the design.

she’s hoping that quilting daughter, stephanie, and her kiwanis friends will love it and raise thousands of dollars for their charity.

me – well, i hope that the charity includes feeding hungry kitties – whether they are swooning over me or not!

discover this fine quilt block pattern when you visit:


nancy cabot quilt block

Swoon Quilt Block or Star of the Magi Quilt Block