5 patch quilt block

Quilters have historically been involved in politics – from the early days of hosting evening meetings prior to the Revolutionary War to creating quilts to raise awareness of various causes.

As the presidential campaign heats up here in the US, we’ve included some quilt blocks with a Presidential theme in our February Patterns package – in addition to others for this special month:

- Heart Quilt Block for Valentine’s Day

- Dog Tooth Violet Quilt Block for National Pet Dental Month!

In addition, you’ll find tips for making your quilting easier and more fun as a baby boomer:


lincoln's platform quilt block pattern washington's puzzle quilt block pattern tippecanoe quilt block pattern
Lincoln’s Platform Quilt Block Washington’s Puzzle Quilt Block Tippecanoe Quilt Block

Fish Quilt Block

This week I found myself looking to the past while remembering the Halloween costumes my kids and their friends wore way back when.

Then I was brought back into the present (and future) with some changes coming up here at http://www.how-to-quilt.com.

You’ll find some advance info on these changes in this week’s newsletter, as well as:

  • What to do with those UFO’s (un-finished quilting objects) that started out as a project you had every intention to complete
  • TheQuiltingCoach.com – Specializing in information for quilters
  • It’s Red Ribbon Week – “Just Say No to Drugs!”
  • The Weekly Crossword Puzzle
  • Postcard Quilts for the Troops – Year End Holidays Roundup! Deadline is November 15th
  • October Free Quilt Block Patterns


Happy Quilting!


Weaving Paths Quilt Block

I split this past week between a bit of relaxation in Las Vegas, developing the next topic in our series of webinars, and working on the Diamond Quilt project.

And I’ve got some exciting news about TheQuiltingCoach.com… something many of you have been asking for.

This week’s newsletter includes all the info you need on these subjects, and more:

  • New Webinar on Secrets for Sewing Quilt Blocks – register today!
  • TheQuiltingCoach.com – Specializing in Information for Quilters; check out the NEW Basic Membership level
  • Using Crayons in Your Quilts
  • Tips for getting the straightest quilting stitches
  • The Weekly Crossword Puzzle – there’s a different puzzle every day so come back often
  • Postcard Quilts for the Troops – Year End Holidays Roundup! This is the FINAL Postcard Roundup, so if you’ve been procrastinating, now’s the time to finish yours up
  • October’s Free Quilt Block Patterns


Happy Quilting!


Georgetown Circles Quilt Block

My mom celebrated her 90th birthday last week by getting together with family and friends, including some of her college sorority sisters.

In honor of my mom’s birthday, I thought I’d concentrate on the subject of grandmothers… my mom is the grandmother of my two kids, and I’m looking forward to the time when I become a
grandmother too.

In the meantime, here’s this week’s newsletter:

  • TheQuiltingCoach.com – Specializing in Information for Quilters
  • Block of the Month – Grandmother’s Fan
  • Ideas for Grandmother’s Fan Quilts
  • The Weekly Crossword Puzzle – there’s a different puzzle every day so come back often
  • Postcard Quilts for the Troops – Year End Holidays Roundup!
  • October’s Free Quilt Block Patterns


Happy Quilting!


Strawberry Basket Quilt Block

As you know, we here at http://www.how-to-quilt.com do like getting back to the basics of quilting every once in a while. Whether you’re a beginner – or would just like a quick refresher course – it’s always nice to start from scratch.

This week’s newsletter includes written and video instructions on cutting fabric, whether with a rotary cutter or scissors, as well as:

  • Register for the newest Webinar: Secrets of 3D Illusions in Quilts – This Saturday, September 24th
  • Update on the Blazing Star Diamond Quilt – Found the quilting patterns and will be machine quilting this week
  • October Quilt Show in Gilbertsville, NY
  • Make Scented Tea Pot Stands – from our friend, Rose Smith
  • Turn your Quilting Passion into a Quilting Business!
  • The Weekly Crossword Puzzle – come back every day for a new puzzle
  • Halloween Roundup for Postcard Quilts for the Troops – Deadline is September 23rd, which is THIS Friday
  • September’s Free Quilt Block Patterns


Happy Quilting!


Domino Net Quilt Block

Well, I’m back on U.S. soil, but not yet settled back in to my routine.

Jackson, the Official How-to-Quilt.com Kitty, has missed me and I him. It will be nice for both of us to get back to our version of “normal.”

Plans are under way for the Giant Quilting Bee in March 2012. I’m looking for help with the organization and would welcome volunteers to act as “virtual assistants,” working from your home.

There’s a form for volunteers to contact me in this week’s newsletter, as well as:

  • A Non-Traditional Thimble – You may want to try this one out
  • Popular Quilting Resource – 275 Popular Traditional Quilt Block Patterns
  • The Weekly Crossword Puzzle – There’s a new one every day!
  • Halloween Roundup for Postcard Quilts for the Troops – the next deadline is September 23rd
  • July’s Free Quilt Block Patterns


Happy Quilting!


July is Mango and Melon Month, and what is better to snack on during hot summer July days than mangos and melons.

Mango and melon colors also make great summer quilts. If you look in your local fabric store, you will see plenty of mango and melon colors on bolts.

You can also find a range of prints in these colors – florals, stripes, calicoes, dots, etc. Use them in your favorite quilt block and add a thin batting to make gorgeous summertime quilts.

Check out today’s article for other fun ideas, as well as your free download of the Watermelon quilt block:


Happy Quilting!


Harrisburg Quilt Block

Quilting daughter Stephanie and Cam’s wedding is coming up next weekend. I’m looking forward to meeting Cam’s family and enjoying what is certain to be a special day with family and friends.

And, speaking of special days, as this Memorial Day weekend marks the “unofficial” start of summer, it is an opportunity for us to take a moment to reflect upon the ultimate sacrifices made by those in service to our country.

This week’s newsletter includes:

  • Secrets for Sewing Perfect Curves in Quilts DVD Mentor
  • One Method for Embroidering a Dresden Plate Quilt Block
  • Using Your Embroidery Machine for Quilting
  • The Weekly Crossword Puzzle – Come back for a new one each day!
  • Halloween Roundup for Postcard Quilts for the Troops – the next deadline is September 28th
  • May’s Free Quilt Block Patterns


Happy Quilting!


Unless you are making an exact copy of a quilt or block, it can be difficult to envision what a group of patches or blocks might look like in a more expanded area.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had the ability to preview a design before doing extensive cutting or sewing?

Well, with a nifty tool called “Magic Mirrors,” you can do just that:


Happy Quilting!


Jacobs Ladder Quilt Block

Wow, how time flies! Not only are my “children” grown and on their own, but they’ve both established great careers, and Stephanie is going to be married in June (that’s next month!).

I’m excited about the wedding, but not so sure I’m ready to be called grandma just yet.

I’ll just let life play itself out and adjust to the changes as they present themselves.

In the meantime, this week’s newsletter includes a picture of Stephanie and my soon-to-be-son-in-law Cam, as well as:

  • Secrets for Sewing Perfect Curves in Quilts DVD Mentor
  • Coming up on Tuesday, May 24th, the How to Bind a Quilt Webinar – Be sure to register and print up your handout soon
  • A Little Bit About the Jacobs Ladder Quilt Block
  • A new and different crossword puzzle to enjoy – no eraser needed
  • July 4th Roundup for Postcard Quilts for the Troops – the next deadline is May 27th… less than 2 weeks away
  • May’s Free Quilt Block Patterns


Happy Quilting!


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