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Usually the only time of the year I think about bats is around Halloween.

But, as I was looking at a website that had special holidays, I discovered that today is Bat Appreciation Day.

I’m not sure that I fully appreciate bats – although they are somewhat intriguing to me.

When quilting daughter, Stephanie, was in Houston, she learned that Austin has the largest bat population in North America.

Possibly that’s where Bat Appreciation Day came from.

Regardless, today, you’ll see how to sew The Bat quilt block – there’s a video and step-by-step instructions to download:

the bat quilt block

The Bat Quilt Block

No April Fools today!

Jim and I have headed out, leaving the Schnoodles and Davey in charge – guarding all of my valuable quilting supplies.

But, I do have my new Quilt as You Go project with me, and am making progress daily.

In this week’s news, you’ll see a picture of the quilt in the works and – since it’s the first of April – there are new quilt block patterns to download:

Pineapples have been a symbol of friendship for centuries, so it’s no wonder that quilters would create quilt blocks that represent the pineapple.

For those who celebrate Easter, have a wonderful Easter Sunday – with family, friends, watching children enjoying an Easter Egg Hunt.

And even if you don’t celebrate Easter, here’s a video showing how to sew the Pineapple Plant quilt block, and a free pattern – my gift of friendship to you:

pineapple plant quilt block

Pineapple Plant quilt block

It’s amazing to me that something simple can change my entire outlook.

When I first started making quilts, everything took soooo long.

My corners weren’t all that square and my blocks ended up being different sizes.

It seemed like I spent more time fixing things than sewing them in the first place.

Then I decided to take a class to learn how to make an Irish Chain quilt.

It turned out that it was using a strip piecing technique.

I had heard about it, but had not tried it – I was still cutting my patches with scissors!

By the end of the class, my quilt top was almost finished – having started with no fabric cut!

And my corners were square and the blocks all fit together.

Just learning that one technique opened my eyes to a whole new world of quilting because I realized how much fun it could be – and that I would be proud to have someone know I made that quilt, generations from now.

Every March I think fondly on that Irish Chain quilt I made oh so many years ago.

Glad I stuck it out and kept learning from those quilters who were so willing to share their techniques.

In this week’s news, you’ll discover more of the inside story of that quilt and get the March quilt block patterns:


One of the things I find fascinating about quilters is that even prior to women being allowed to vote in the United States, quilters were making political statements.

It is reported that many quilting women participated in political discussions in their families and communities.

In addition, quilters created politically-themed quilt blocks to make a “statement” or raise money.

There is a wide variety of quilt blocks named for presidents of the United States. And sometimes Presidents have more than one quilt block named for them.

Lincoln is one of those presidents who has at least two blocks named for him – Lincoln’s Hat and Lincoln’s Platform.

You’ll see how to sew the Lincoln’s Hat quilt block together when you visit:

Happy Lincoln’s Birthday!

lincoln's hat quilt block

Lincoln’s Hat Quilt Block

It’s clear that most of us humans love our pets.

And quilters celebrate their pets by creating special quilt block patterns for them.

Since this is Pet Dental Health Month, we’re featuring a couple of pet-related quilt blocks.

Like many of you, I’m sure, I wasn’t all that convinced that cleaning my cats’ teeth would make a difference to their overall health.

As many cats as I have had over the years, it didn’t seem like it made any difference to them.

Then along came m. mouse, the diabetic Siamese kitty.

It took about 15 minutes of a vet dentist who specializes in big cats’ teeth to make me understand how important it is to keep your pets’ teeth healthy.

In fact, he told me that if m. mouse’s teeth had been cleaned years earlier, he may not have gotten diabetes.

Not so true with humans, I guess – but kitties and puppies aren’t human, even though it’s hard to remember sometimes.

Anyway, you’ll find video and free quilt block patterns when you visit:

siamese cat sleeping on tumbling blocks quilt

m. mouse

Cats and dogs have questions, too, you know!

They must.

Questions like:

- when will you feed me?

- why did you stop petting me?

- when will you return?

- why did you interrupt my nap?

And since today is “Answer your Cat’s Questions” Day, you’ll see quilt blocks for any type of pet you have:

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