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Have you ever wanted to learn something new, but when you started looking at everything that was involved in learning it, you decided it was much too complicated and were afraid it would take too long to learn and you’d get lost and would never figure it out?

Or maybe you started and got stuck because the resources for learning the skill were incomplete – or the instructions were confusing – and you got to a point but just couldn’t get any further.

Or possibly you got started and were making good progress, but you couldn’t tell whether you were really doing it right – and needed a little “Booster Club” cheering you on and letting you know that you were doing a fabulous job learning something complicated, yet ensuring your legacy for generations to come?

When it comes to learning how to quilt – You Are Not Alone!

It’s amazing to me how many folks I talk to who say: “I could never learn how to quilt – it’s just too much.”

Even my friend and math whiz, Jim, who sees my quilts “grow” is amazed at what can be done with fabric.

And, frankly, when I started making quilts, I didn’t realize how much there really was to creating a quilt.

I just started making my first quilt using some of the hand applique techniques I already knew and learned quilt making from there:

- wasting time experimenting trying to figure out how to do the simplest thing

- wasting fabric with my mistakes
– getting frustrated because I couldn’t understand the instructions – you know, the ones they say are so clear

- spending hours in workshops listening to other beginner quilters asking the same question over and over – and getting the same answer over and over – about something they should have known before they walked
through the door into the classroom (like how to thread their sewing machine!)

- wondering whether there is a shortcut (or different way to do something) that will save time or fabric, yet not knowing who or what to ask to get the answer

- taking a class and just knowing that the teacher isn’t teaching everything that I  need to know in order to finish the quilt

And that’s just the short list!

Frankly, I remember the frustration, and often feel it when I look at a book or article online about a technique I haven’t seen before.

Not even that long ago, I spent hours trying to figure out the instructions for a method of making a hanging sleeve.

At first glance, the instructions looked like they should have been complete and easy to follow.

There were even pictures – in color, using real fabric and everything!

But, still, it took hours and several times through reading the instructions and sewing and ripping before I finished making that “simple” hanging sleeve.

Because I suffered through the frustration of learning how to quilt by trial and error, I wanted to create a way for others to avoid all of that torture.

And, although it’s taken two years, I am pleased that the Master Quilter Certificate Program is ready and quilters are already humming along their quilting journey!

It is, by far, the most complete step-by-step, everything critical you need to know, take-you-by-the-hand quilting instruction on the planet.

As a matter of fact, it probably is the only one!

The Program includes video, audio interviews with professional quilters, articles with specific examples, and more. . .

presented in an organized way so your learning is easy and makes sense.

You get access to me and hundreds of other quilters with experience to guide you as you learn, along with goodies in the mail that will make your journey even more fun.

This is not a “learn in a weekend” kind of course.

As a matter of fact, it is intended to take about seven months to complete.

Or you could spend years learning, plus thousands of dollars invested in books with confusing and/or incomplete instructions, more thousands of dollars of wasted fabric, and countless hours of frustration.

If you are ready to embark on a quilting journey like no other and shortcut your learning how to create beautiful quilts, visit:

Do you have unfinished quilts that are just waiting to be quilted?

Have you pulled them off the shelf, unfolded them, wished they would quilt themselves, and then folded them up and put them back on the shelf?

I do that.

As a matter of fact, I still have some quilts that are waiting to be quilted.

The difference is that now they are getting quilted because I have the courage to machine quilt them on my home sewing machine.

Courage, maybe.

But really it is knowing a few simple techniques for machine quilting that make the difference between beautiful machine quilting and ordinary machine quilting.

You know ordinary machine quilting – the kind of machine quilting where you end up with puckers and tucks sewn in. Usually on the back of the quilt – but they could be on the front.

Believe me, I feel your pain. My machine quilting looked exactly like that.

But things are different now.

I’ve made some serious progress on my machine quilting techniques, and now want to share them with you during a live webinar tomorrow.

As with many techniques in quilting, there are a few key elements, and I’ll cover them so your machine quilting can be easier and much more fun:

* Setting the tension on your sewing machine so your stitches are perfect

* Using some amazing gloves that allow you to guide your quilt as it is quilted

* The difference high quality thread makes, and which are the right threads to use

* How to handle the bulk of your quilt as you move it through your home sewing machine

* And tons more

It all begins tomorrow at:

5pm Pacific Time

6pm Mountain Time

7pm Central Time

8pm Eastern Time

I will share the best of the best simple techniques for beautiful machine quilting.

And I will also share my super, special secret weapon for machine quilting.

This weapon has made all the difference in my machine quilting.

It took months for me to break down and try it, and now that I have, I will never be without it on a machine quilted quilt.

You’ll hear all of my easy and best techniques during the webinar, and I hope you will be there.

As always, it’s free, but you will need to register to get the login information:

machine quilting home sewing machine

machine quilting on a home sewing machine is easy – really!


Starting and stopping a seam when you are using a traditional presser foot is easy.

You just reverse and stitch over the beginning stitches a couple of times.

But how do you start and stop a seam when you are free motion quilting?

The answer is really simple, but if you have never done free motion quilting, it might not be so obvious to you.

One easy way to start and stop your quilting is to stitch over the beginning and ending stitches of your seam, just like when you are straight line quilting.

That doesn’t mean that you end your stitching where you begin, it is a little bit like stitching in place.

That’s just one of the handy tips you learn when you visit:

When you are learning a new skill, it’s helpful to have some special tools.

And learning how to stipple quilt is no different.

While it may look easy, figuring out how to move your quilt under the bouncing needle of your home sewing machine presents challenges until you’ve had some experience.

In this week’s online newsletter, you’ll discover a tool that can help with stipple quilting.

Plus we’re featuring a quilt idea using one of this month’s free quilt block patterns:

stipple quilting stencil

stencil for stipple quilting


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