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When you are new to quilting, it is easy to confuse the terms ‘border’ and ‘sashing.’ After all, both have a similar purpose.

The easiest way to remember the difference is that the border goes around an entire quilt. Sashing creates borders between the individual quilt blocks.

Today we’ll talk about sashing – something you can add to, tweek or take away from most any quilt pattern you use. It all depends on your personal preference:


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Some of the prettiest quilts are made with a simple patchwork design that is set “on-point.” Simply put, these blocks are pieced then assembled on the diagonal, which means your quilt block looks more like a diamond in the finished quilt.

There are just a couple of steps to remember when creating blocks on-point that will make the process easier and guarantee you will have perfectly aligned squares and triangles:


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Leap Frog Quilt Block

Did you know your digital camera is also a great quilting tool?  It can help you find mistakes in your quilt top that your own eyes can’t see. No kidding and I’ll tell you how!

And the Trick or Treat at the Haunted House Halloween Quilt is coming along nicely– you’ll see the fabric I’ve chosen for the border.

And even though I’m still working on mine, you could beat me to the punch by making your very own version. The instructions for each of the 12 different blocks, adding the window frames, sashing and candy corn borders are included in my new “Halloween Quilt” learning resource.

This week’s newsletter includes all the info on how to use your camera as a quilting “detective,” and the Halloween Quilt package, as well as:

  • My answer to the age-old question about how close together quilting stitches should be
  • Help Wanted at How-to-Quilt.com – I’m hiring!
  • Christmas Postcard Quilts for the Troops – Deadline is November 18th
  • October Free Quilt Block Patterns

You’ll find it all when you visit:


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Even with the most careful of sewing, sometimes blocks end up being different sizes. And, when you do a block exchange with other quilters, you are almost guaranteed to get blocks of different sizes.

Do you know what to do to turn different-sized blocks into a beautiful quilt?

There are lots of simple and interesting solutions, and I’ll share them with you when you visit:


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Yesterday we talked about experimenting with new quilting concepts to bring a little magic to our quilting.  Today, m. mouse decided that being able to turn squares into diamonds was pretty magical stuff and wanted you all to be able to do it.

So… he took it upon himself to learn just how to perform this magic trick and now he wants to teach all of you how to do it.

You’ll see what he came up with when you visit:


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Most quilters begin creating patches by cutting strips of fabric, and experience has taught us that the more consistent our strip dimensions are, the easier our patches will be to sew together.

And, the easier our patches are to sew together, the squarer our blocks, and ultimately our quilt top, will be.

And (yes, another and) the best way to cut accurate, consistent strips of fabric is with a rotary cutter.  You’ll learn all about the many benefits of using a rotary cutter, as well as see a step-by-step video illustrating how to use one, when you visit:


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Uncle Sam's Favorite Quilt Block

It’s been unseasonably cool and cloudy here in San Diego and those who are used to July being “hot and sunny” are not happy at all.

I, on the other hand, have finished the machine appliqué raffle quilt and am quite pleased with the result.

When I got ready to put the binding on I realized that it was a bit misshapen. It took a while to figure it out, but I finally squared it up and am certain nobody will suspect a thing.

You’ll find a picture of the finished product in this week’s newsletter, as well as great information on:

  • Quilted Gift Card Holders ~ a great idea for bazaar sales
  • Quick & Easy Flannel Baby Quilt
  • Fabric Postcards for Penny’s Postcard Posse – Halloween Theme
  • Quilt Design Software – EQ7
  • July Free Quilt Block Patterns

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