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m.mouse here, the official diabetic siamese kitty. well, i’ve got to tell you, the next couple of weeks will be very interesting.

goose creek quilt block

penny and her friend, jim, decided to take a cruise through the beautiful waters of mexico for 11 days. can you believe that? 11 days on a big boat (whatever that is).

with my kitty brain, i can’t even imagine what all of that means to them. but, what it means to me is that i get to stay with quilting daughter stephanie, so i’m sure to get my insulin on time by loving hands without “breaking the bank,” to quote penny.

it’s all very complicated, and i don’t want to bore you with the details, but i’m here in beautiful lomita, california, enjoying the run of stephanie and cam’s house, without my buddy, jackson.

it’s going to be very fun, i can tell already. i love to explore a new house and find all of the tiny spaces to hide. but enough of that fun.

the best part is that penny left me in charge of the daily email. that means that i get to pick topics i think are fun, and the first one is about landscape quilts.

landscape quilts are just what you might think they are – quilts or wall hangings that look like a landscape.

you might have heard penny talk about one of her landscape quilts that didn’t quite work the way she wanted it to because she couldn’t get the right shades of fabric.

but there is another one she made that is really fun. it’s a wall hanging that has a bunch of appliqué animals – a giraffe, a couple of birds (yum, yum) and a lion (whoops, better forget the birds).

penny made it for one of quilting daughter stephanie’s teachers who absolutely loved it. who wouldn’t? and it’s a good example of a different type of landscape quilt.

you can see pictures of both of these quilts as well as learn more about landscape quilts when you visit:

happy quilting!

m. mouse
the official diabetic siamese kitty

Tea Party Quilt Block

The rain here in Southern California last week was truly amazing.

And for the time being, it is gone. I feel fortunate that I was able to keep safe and dry, avoiding all mudslides and fallen trees.

An interesting event of the week was my friend Jim’s dog, who decided to sit out in the rain and get completely soaked. A big towel and hair dryer were all that was needed to get him dry, but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a dog that soaked outside of a bathtub!

It was a perfect week for making progress on quilting projects – as long as you didn’t run out of fabric and need to make a quick trip to the fabric shop between rain showers.

Last week also saw the introduction of our newest quilting resource, the Stack and Whack DVD Mentor. In this project, you see how to take squares of fabric (I used layer cake fabric, or you can cut squares from your fabric), stack them up, whack them, shuffle the patches around and create a beautiful quilt or wall hanging.

This DVD Mentor also shows how to complete this Stack and Whack quilt as a Quilt as You Go project.

Plus there is a ton of information about choosing the right colors for your quilt – including techniques for telling the true value of the fabrics in your quilt.

The Special Introductory Offer has been extended through today, Monday, so click through and reserve your copy before the price goes up.

Also included in this week’s news:

  • Updates from Penny
  • A Quilt Idea – Dresden Plate
  • Quilting Resource to Help – Stack and Whack Quilt DVD Mentor
  • Featured Block Video – Tea Party
  • Quilting Tool – OnmiArc Rotary Ruler
  • January Free Quilt Block Patterns

Happy Quilting!


Since this is not only the beginning of a new year, but the beginning of a new decade, why not start out with a Grand Quilting Resolution?

This could be the year you stick with a block of the month – creating a block each month this year, and then finishing the quilt by the end of the year!

What’s stopping you?

If you are anything like I am, it’s that I can’t seem to find a block of the month project that interests me. It never occurred to me that I could create my own block of the month. Now how limited is that thinking?

But, really, it’s easy!

Just choose a theme – holidays, styles of block, or something else that interests you – then find some blocks. You could even limit your quilt to 9 blocks and give yourself a couple of months to sew the quilt together and finish it in time for the end of the year holidays.

This could be an excellent opportunity to finish a grand-scale project for a Christmas gift, without having the overwhelming feel of a grand-scale project, since you will be making your quilt one block at a time.

You’ll discover how to put your Block of the Month project together when you read this week’s news:

Dorothy's Antique Quilt

This week quilter Dorothy sent in pictures of a beautiful antique crazy quilt made by her grandmother, oh so many years ago.

She includes wonderful memories of her mother’s quilts and life on the farm as she was growing up – huddled around the wood stove waiting for the upstairs bedrooms to warm up so her family could cuddle up to sleep.

Thanks, Dorothy, for sharing.

If you have a story and quilt to share, email it to us at Be sure to send a picture, too.

Also in this week’s news:

  • Updates from Penny
  • Featured Member Quilt from Dorothy V. Grimes – a Beautiful Antique Crazy Quilt
  • Block of the Month Ideas
  • Quilting Resource to Help – The Ultimate How to Bind a Quilt DVD Mentor
  • Featured Block Video – Cherry Basket
  • Penny’s Postcard Posse – Valentines’ Day Roundup – Deadline January 21!
  • January Free Quilt Block Patterns

Happy Quilting!


Hexagon quilts are favorites with quilters, even though they present their challenges in sewing.

A special favorite is the Grandmother’s Garden quilt. If you’ve been around quilts for any period of time, you’ll recognize it immediately. The first time I saw a Grandmother’s Garden quilt, I was amazed, and figured I’d probably never have the time to make one.

The quilt is made using small hexagons, and I’m not sure whether anyone has ever done one on the machine. It would seem that the sanity-saving way to construct one of these beautiful quilts would be by hand.

Time seems to be the issue for me. But maybe some day. . . .

In this week’s news, you’ll discover some history about hexagon quilts. The basic design goes way back.

Also included this week is a video showing how to make a May Basket quilt block.

Our book of the month, Quilter’s Favorites, has a selection of blocks with points, and this could be a fun pattern that is included – or could be used to create a quilt with points.

This week’s news includes:

  • Last day to order Quilter’s Favorites
  • A Quilt Idea – Hexagon Quilts
  • Featured Block Video – May Basket
  • Penny’s Postcard Posse Valentine’s Day Roundup – Deadline January 21!
  • January Quilt Block Patterns

Fair warning –

The Quilt as You Go DVD is in line for updates. I have just figured out at least two more ways to complete quilt as you go projects. One of the videos is done and the other is scheduled for completion next week.

Quilters who purchased the DVD in December and those who purchase it before it is introduced will get the updates at no additional cost.

The price on the new version will be more than the current price. Take this opportunity to invest so you can get the extra information for FREE. There is a link in the newsletter (in my update).

Happy Quilting!


Happy New Year Quilt Block

Wow!  It’s hard to believe that this year is almost over. Yet here we are in the very last days of December.

This has been a fun year, with tons of great quilting information and, when you visit this week’s newsletter, you’ll see links to find the information that was posted during the year – in case you missed any of it.

Bookmark the links and you’ll always be able to get to the information for future reference.

Wednesday of this week, you can discover inside secrets for machine quilting fat quarter quilts during a free teleseminar.

This will be on the phone only, and you will learn:

  • how to make the most of your fat quarters when you cut them into patches, and how to cut your patches when you don’t have selvedges on your fabric
  • how to know how many fat quarters you need to make your quilt
  • how to choose a machine quilting design
  • key techniques for beautiful and easy machine quilting on your home sewing machine
  • and much, much more

This will also be available later in the week for folks who prefer to listen online.

You will need to register to get the dial-in information and the Worksheet.

Also included in this week’s news:

  • Update on the Stack and Whack Quilt
  • Machine Quilted Fat Quarter Quilt
  • Quilting Tip – Making Miniature Quilts for Dollhouses
  • Penny’s Postcard Posse Valentines’ Day Roundup – Deadline January 21!
  • Featured Block in Video – Happy New Year Quilt Block
  • December Free Quilt Block Patterns

Happy Quilting!


It’s just a whirlwind of activity here at headquarters.

Engineering son Bubba arrived yesterday for the holidays. m. mouse, his buddy Jackson, and I get to enjoy Bubba’s company until January 5th.  I can’t even imagine how much fun we can have during all that time.

Quilting daughter Stephanie and her friend Cam will be here for the Christmas weekend, so our little family will enjoy a tasty Christmas dinner, and the construction of a zany gingerbread house – a Christmas tradition.

In the meantime, we’ve got quilting news that includes:

  • Update on the Stack and Whack Quilt
  • Machine Quilted Fat Quarter Quilt
  • Quilting Tool – Accuquilt GO! from Rosie’s Calico Cupboard
  • Penny’s Postcard Posse Valentines Day Roundup – Deadline January 21st!
  • Featured Block in Video – Empire Cross Quilt Block
  • December Quilt Block Patterns

We wish you all the best for the holidays, and hope that Santa is good to everyone.

Happy Quilting!


The Stack and Whack quilt is all machine quilted now and the blocks are being sewn together.

Because I took this block and divided it into quarters, I’ll be sewing the 9½-inch squares together as separate Quilt as You Go units.  Once they are together, I will decide whether to add strips of sashing between the four blocks.

I’m going to use a different method to close the backing on this project.

In the Quilt as You Go DVD Mentor, you learn two different methods for finishing the backing of the quilt.  And now, in this Stack and Whack project, you will see yet another technique for finishing the back, coming up in a week or two.  This one is easy to do.

This week’s featured video quilt block is the Dogwood Quilt Block.  This block is really easy to sew together, and has a large square in the center.  This would be a fabulous place for a photo that was transferred onto fabric.

Surround the photo with holiday colors or favorite colors of a friend or family member, and you’ll have a fantastic holiday gift – quick and easy.  Or, make it as a small ornament and use a ribbon for a hanger.

Also in this week’s news, you’ll find information about thread for your machine quilting projects.

Here’s what’s new this week:

Update on the Stack and Whack Quilt
Product of the Month – Quilt as You Go DVD Mentor
Book of the Month – Cozy Modern Quilts
Quilting Tips – Thread for Machine Quilting
Penny’s Postcard Posse Valentines’ Day Roundup – Deadline January 21!
Featured Block in Video – Dogwood Quilt Block
December Quilt Block Patterns

Happy Quilting!


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