applique quilt

applique quilt

Often the best ideas for quilts come from seeing quilts that other quilters have made, and hearing how they got their ideas.

Above is a quilt that I made for a teacher’s new baby. Quilting daughter, Stephanie, found a greeting card with this picture on it, and she decided it would make a great quilt.

And, she was right. It was a challenge to create the pattern and sew it together, but it remains one of my favorite quilts – both from the feeling of accomplishment and, well, I just like the quilt!

Below are links to articles showing different quilt designs and giving you a little insight into their construction.

Making Quilts Using Photographs

Give a Teacher an Apple that They can Keep for a Lifetime

Using Different Size Blocks in a Quilt Top

Crazy Quilts

Irish Chain Quilts – including fabric requirements

Making a Quilt With Embroidered Blocksa specific example

Half-Rectangles Butterfly and Flowers

5 Quilt Blocks made from Strips of Fabric

What to do with Those 4 inch Batik Squares

Crazy Quilts

Crazy Quilting Design

Hollow Cubes, or Floating 3 Dimensional Blocks

Ideas for Quilts with Curved Edges

Combine the Tennessee Waltz Quilt block and the Snowball block for a fun Christmas Quilt

4 Responses to “Quilt Ideas”

  1. joann rhine Says:

    joann rhine

  2. Dee Says:

    I am so Inspired, and so very, VERY impressed with your comprehensive site, links, etc., that I just HAD to feature you/your site on my blog!
    I cannot believe the work you put into all this jammed packed information all about quilting!
    I hope my quilting friends (beginners, intermediates, and advanced quilters) thoroughly take advantage of these most-excellent sites of yours…
    Thank You seems like words too small and not descriptive enough, but Thank You for doing all this!
    aka Divine Fabrics n More

  3. Madge Newman Says:

    I sure have enjoyed your emails, very educational, my interest in quilting has
    grown, now that I have more information, thanks so much for the free things,
    I am retired, have little to live on, this is so helpful…Madge Newman
    ( )

  4. hermela cris Says:

    lovely quilt,tahank.

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