Three dimensional looking quilts have always fascinated me.

Years ago, charm quilts were all the rage, and I decided that would be a fun thing to start.

This type of charm quilt was one where each patch was a different fabric, and all of the patches were the same shape.

Some quilters chose triangles, others chose squares; I decided to use diamonds, and create a tumbling blocks quilt top.

Quilt top, I say, because I decided that I would use all of my own fabrics and keep adding patches as I bought more fabric.

The thought was that I would leave it for quilting daughter, Stephanie, to finish.

Even after all of these years, I haven’t figured out a way to easily machine piece these diamonds, so they are hand stitched together.

In today’s article, you’ll see how to hand stitch these wonderful little patches, set-in seams and all.

And, you’ll see a picture of the quilt top as it is today:

tumbling blocks or baby blocks quilt

Tumbling Blocks patch

Quilters often ask how to make a Tumbling Blocks or Baby Blocks quilt.

These quilts are lovely and can be done as a planned quilt or a scrap quilt.

The quilt can be done using only one shape of patch – a diamond – of most any size.

Generally Tumbling Block or Baby Block quilts have a specific arrangement of values in the fabric.

The key is to keep the light, medium and dark fabrics in the same position in each of the blocks.

This causes the dimensional look of the quilt.

You can fill in between the diamonds with small triangles, or finish the quilt with the “inside and outside” corners.

To see how to sew the diamonds together, visit:

baby blocks quilt

Tumbling Blocks or Baby Blocks Quilt


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