Today is National Tooth Fairy Day!

Something to celebrate, especially if you are a child losing teeth – not so much if you are an adult losing teeth!

I do remember the days of putting a lost baby tooth under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy to be replaced with money.

When I was growing up, the tooth was always wrapped in a Kleenex, and I retained the tradition with my kids.

After all, we didn’t have much money, and the Tooth Fairy didn’t seem to care – the tooth and Kleenex disappeared and were replaced with a silver coin.

Yet I realize now that wrapping the tooth in a handkerchief might have been a little nicer.

And better yet, how about getting a new handkerchief for each lost tooth, chosen by the owner of the lost tooth?

That would have made a nice gift for the Tooth Fairy and a great quilt project once all of the baby teeth were gone.

No need to cry, though, it’s never too late to create a beautiful hanky quilt – even if you are shopping at thrift stores for your handkerchiefs:

hanky quilt

Handkerchief crazy quilt