Before Jim and I went on our last trip, it occurred to me that it might be fun to collect small t-shirts along the way and then make a tshirt quilt as a memento of the trip.

It sounded like a great idea, and I still think it is.

The problem was that I couldn’t bring myself to paying $15 or more (mostly more) for something that would be significantly less than a yard of fabric.

It’s hard enough to pay that much for fabric!

Maybe some day – – -

But in the meantime, I’m a little more inclined to make a landscape quilt of a favorite scene from a trip.

I tried one years ago, and was very disappointed.

Now, though, I know more about how to get the right variations in the colors of fabric.

Way back then, I wasn’t dying fabric and it was next to impossible to buy hand dyed fabric.

To get some ideas for beautiful landscape quilts, visit: