Many quilters write in saying that they want to know the best way to layer their quilt so that they don’t end up with puckers or bulges after the quilt is quilted.

This will assure that the layers of your quilt are as smooth as they can be before you baste them together.

There are several methods of basting to keep the layers held together while you quilt: pin basting or thread basting are two options. Another technique is to use spray basting.

Which method of basting you choose depends on how you will quilt your quilt.

For hand quilting, pin basting and thread basting are the best choices. The spray basting tends to get your quilting needle gummy – and makes it more difficult to pull it through the fabric.

Spray basting and pin basting are great for machine quilting.

Whichever method you choose, there are some basics that you should pay attention to:

layer the quilt

The backing layer of a quilt