Happy Leap Day!

Today we have an extra day.

For me, this is a day take a step back and be grateful for everything I have – my family and friends, the knowledge I have and the opportunity to share it, and all my “things.”

every once in a while, I pull things out of my closet that I am not planning to wear any longer and I donate them to a local thrift shop.

Since this week is Secondhand Wardrobe Week, I thought maybe I’d take part of my extra day this year and figure out how I might be able to use some of my “extra” clothes in quilts.

You’ll find some ideas for dressing up wardrobe items – like adding embellishments – as well as ideas for using them in quilts:



Paddle Wheel Quilt Block

We celebrated my mom’s 90th birthday yesterday. She’s happy and healthy and has plans to continue celebrating throughout this week.

Fall (or, for some of you, Autumn) is officially upon us and this week’s newsletter includes lots of ideas for seasonal gifts and decorations, as well as:

  • Secrets of 3D Illusions in Quilts Webinar replay is available for just a short time – or you can reserve your copy of the replay.
  • October Quilt Show at Major’s Inn in Gilbertsville, NY
  • Fall Quilting Projects (it’s not just about quilting anymore)
  • Turn your Quilting Passion into a Quilting Business
  • “Kwik Klip” Tool for Easier and Safer Pin Basting
  • The Weekly Crossword Puzzle – there’s a different puzzle every day so bookmark this newsletter page
  • September’s Free Quilt Block Patterns


Happy Quilting!


There are many ways of dating quilts and they all use historical information telling us what fabrics, styles, colours and patterns were used at a particular time in history.

Sometimes, that same information can also be used to detect in which region of the world a quilt was made.

Do you know how to tell the difference between an actual vintage quilt and a modern quilt? You’ll learn how when you visit:


Happy Quilting!


Thrifty Wife Quilt Block

The suitcases are unpacked and I’ve sent off packages of treasures from Scotland to quilting daughter Stephanie, and engineer son Bubba.

Now, I am looking at the small selection of fabric I brought back with me and wondering what quilt it is destined for. I may glance through the Precut Quilts book and see if there is something interesting in there.

I will, of course, keep you posted on that. But, in the meantime, here’s this week’s newsletter:

  • The Oh-So-Versatile 9 Patch Quilt Block
  • Get Organized and Quilt! Or is it Quilt and Get Organized?
  • 275 Popular Traditional Quilt Block Patterns
  • The Weekly Crossword Puzzle – There’s a new one every day!
  • Halloween Roundup for Postcard Quilts for the Troops – the deadline is September 23rd
  • August’s Free Quilt Block Patterns


Happy Quilting!


Imagine a quilt that looks like a pan of freshly baked biscuits; nice and puffy and squished up against each other.

Well, that’s just what a biscuit quilt looks like, using batting and different sized top and bottom pieces instead of yeast and flour.

There’s an easy biscuit quilt “recipe” waiting for you when you visit:


Happy Quilting!


A question I get asked quite frequently, is about how to make a quilt using blue jeans material.

Not surprisingly, a blue jeans quilt is not made entirely out of blue jeans. Other fabrics (that will wash and wear well) can be included to add color and depth.

Today you’ll learn all about making a quilt out of blue jeans – including tips, tools and a how-to video:


Happy Quilting!


Eco-friendly, organic and green are terms that are becoming more and more familiar and understandable. With some set-up, conscious thinking and a desire to sustain the earth’s resources for future generations, it is easier than you might think to jump on the earth friendly bandwagon.

A while back, I sat down with professional quilter Bonnie Hunter (a self-proclaimed Scrapaholic) to talk about how she embraces the philosophy of re-using, re-purposing and recycling in her chosen craft.

You can “eavesdrop” on this conversation when you visit:


Happy Quilting!



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