Today we salute those men and women who have served their country as members of the armed services and those today who proudly wear the uniform of the active, reserve, and National Guard forces.

From quiet ceremonies to colorful parades, groups across the country celebrate the commitment and bravery of our soldiers.

One fabulous way to keep those memories alive is through the magic of printing favorite photos onto quilts:

Photo Fabric Quilt

fabric photo on reverse applique

Create a fabric photo that can be framed. This could be perfect for your non-quilt-loving friends.

If you keep a diary/journal, assuming you make it available to them in the future, your children and grandchildren will enjoy reading it someday.

Many adults don’t feel like they have time to keep a journal. Between work and family and sleep, sometimes there just are not enough hours in the day.

If you fall into this group, consider “killing two birds with one stone” by creating a journal quilt.

You’ll learn all about combining your quilting and writing passions when you visit:

Happy Quilting!


Football weather is in the air. School athletes are heading to the field for game night, which can get pretty chilly in some areas of the country.

A team quilt is a fun way to stay toasty, while getting into the spirit of the sport.

You’ll find ideas for team spirit quilts, cushions, sweatshirts and more when you visit:

Happy Quilting!


Just recently I learned about “The First Responders Memorial Flag,” made possible by, a non-profit group that creates and donates hand-painted portraits to the families of fallen armed forces, fire and police personnel, and citizen heroes.

One of many memorials to the thousands of victims of the September 11th attacks, this unique American flag is made entirely of marble tiles. The “red” stripes are formed with images – on marble tiles – of fallen firefighters and police officers.

What a lovely and fitting way to pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice while trying their best to save others.

Happy Quilting!


My uncle Ray was a commercial airline pilot, and uncle Ken was a B52 bomber pilot in the US Air Force.

My dad invented cleaning compounds for airplanes and my kids have always been interested in aviation.

Me, I just love to fly.

Since August 19th is National Aviation Day, I thought I’d share some airplane-themed quilt blocks – including how-to-sew video instructions for one with some simple curves:

Happy Quilting!


Some quilters choose to piece quilt tops. Others prefer applique. Some quilters like to give all techniques a shot to find a favorite.

If you fall within the last category, have you tried reverse applique yet?

Reverse applique reveals unique patterns by layering fabrics, and then cutting away at the top layers to reveal the ones underneath.

It’s a great way to add color, dimension, shape and texture to your quilt, giving it an interesting twist.

Read more about the reverse applique technique by visiting:

Happy Quilting!


When we think of Victorian quilts, the “crazy quilt” seems to be the one that comes to mind. It is the one from the era that represents the luxury exuded by Queen Victoria herself.

However, crazy quilts were not the only popular quilts from that era.

We’ll talk about charm quilts, redwork quilts, puff quilts and more when you visit:

Happy Quilting!



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