strip piecing a 9 patch quilt block

strip piecing a 9 patch quilt block

Quilt blocks can present challenges when you are just beginning to learn how to quilt.

Once you have a few techniques in your quilting toolbox, sewing patches together to make a block can be quick and easy.

Listed here are articles to help you sew your quilt blocks together:

Easy Blocks for Beginning Quilters

5 Quilt Blocks made from Strips of Fabric

Chain Sewing Patches

Sewing Strips of Fabric Together to Make “New” Fabric

Sewing a Flat Quilt (Keeping the Buckles and Puckers out)

Hand Cutting Patches with Scissors

Tips for Sewing Triangles

Strip Piecing a 9 Patch – video clip

Sewing an 8 pointed Star

Seam Allowances

Sewing a 1/4 inch Seam Allowance

Tips for Sewing Accurate Patches

Strip Piecing a 9 Patch

Taking up quilting is a great hobby, and by searching for discount fabric online it can be a pretty affordable past time too.

10 Responses to “Tips for Sewing Quilt Blocks”

  1. judy wascom Says:

    I have searched for tips on how to machine quilt using home quilting machine and the little gracie frame or any other frame and machine and have failed to locate any tips specifically for this combination. Do you know where I might find this kind of information? I would appreciated your help very much. Judy

  2. joann rhine Says:

    joann rhine

  3. Jane Says:

    Hi, I have decided to make a variation of the drunkards path quilt for a friend of mine and was wondering if you have any techniques and words of wisdom for cutting and sewing the arch? Any help would be really appreciated? Thankyou, Jane

    1. quilterpenny Says:

      Greetings –

      Check out this video: Sewing Curves for a Quilt

  4. Sherrie Lux Says:

    So many of your show how to videos get cut off either in the end or middle. I have missed out on so much as it just stops and wondering if you knew about this problem. I love this place, and I love learning quilting. I have an 83 year old quilting teacher who doesn’t let me get away with nothing! She’s the best.

    1. quilterpenny Says:

      Greetings –

      I suspect it has to do with your internet connection. Maybe you can download the video to your computer before it starts to play. That way, you don’t have to wait for the files to catch up with themselves.

  5. Pat Decker Says:

    I’m binding a quilt that has angles and I don’t know how to do it. What ever I try doesn’t seem to work. Help

  6. June Hughes Says:

    What is the best way to quilt Jinny Beyer’s “Moon Glow” quilt?

    1. quilterpenny Says:

      Greetings –

      It’s a beautiful quilt! I usually get inspiration for quilting the quilt as I make it. Having not made the quilt or seen it in person, it would be difficult for me to make a suggestion. Have you asked her?

      Happy Quilting!

  7. florence cleary Says:

    how do you make a rosette or mini square when many seams meet in the same place?
    eg windmill

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