It’s amazing what can be done with fabric.

Early in my quilting journey, I was happy enough to create a simple quilt. Then I saw a quilt with pleats, and figured out how to make one of those.

That was pretty fun.  The quilt was interesting, and it was truly three dimensional, since the pleat-like fabric stuck out from the quilt top.

Tumbling block quilts have pretty much always been around. And even with the most basic design, you can create a quilt that has a three dimensional effect.

But, what if you divided the diamond sides of a Tumbling Block so you could create a cube that looked like it was hollow?

Years ago, I found a book that featured blocks like that. They are pretty easy to make and – if you put the fabrics in the right places – you will have a cube that looks like the light is shining right into it.

With just a little planning, you can stack these cubes up and create a quilt that has a truly three dimensional look – even though it is just a “flat” quilt.

Quilters have asked me how to sew these little cubes together so I created a short video. When you visit the page, you’ll also be able to download templates for the cubes:

This could be just the beginning of some fun-filled cube construction. Make a bunch of them in different colors, then put them up on a flannel wall or lay them out on your floor or bed. Place them directly next to each other, or create groups of them and appliqué them onto a background – design your own quilt!

If you are looking for something easy that will amaze your family and friends, a wall hanging with hollow cubes might be just the thing.

Vary the colors for the season or holiday. Or just make them in your favorite colors.

Happy Quilting!